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Our journey into the unknown. A new chance or a new way of perceiving the world of online Internet, TV and Radio. Keep an open mind for the unexpected circumstances embrace your ability feeling able and certain to challenge life! Meditate and relax psychologically your state of mind will let go and relate to your personal life experiences remembering your past and present situations about relationship. Shocking your awareness of self-denial exposing your unconscious thoughts, interpretation will begin so listen carefully to the clues! Is it the end of love? Fear of commitment being impatient with the guy that is immature? Not ready? Separation or parting with hurt feelings. Rose wants you to be happy and in the right relationship improving your personal appearance to attract new love.

Magical Tarot Card Readings!
Tarot cards reveals mystical fortunetelling, questions and answers about your life. Tarot pictures have symbolic images it draws your subconscious mind into visualization, meditation, affirmation, and symbolic action. Tarot Artist creating New Age of the Psychic Bible @ PsychicBible.com and Tarot Bible @ TarotBible.com of our daily goals. Expert Psychic Rose is caring, honest, accurate, and reliable. Psychic Rose would like to give Special Thanks to a special Artist Pamela Colman Smith. Under the guidance of Arthur Edward Waite, Pamela created a series of seventy eight tarot paintings known as the Rider Waite Tarot deck described by Waite. Psychic Rose is "Forever an Admirer" of Artist Pamela Colman Smith her special talent which touches the hearts and emotions of millions of people today!

Pamela Colman Smith
Pamela Colman Smith
Arthur Edward Waite
Arthur Edward Waite
Radiant Rider Waite
Psychic Rose Favorite Waite Deck

Leonardo Da Vinci
"PsychicRose AnnMarie Conti Relative of Leonardo Da Vinci."
Psychic Rose® has all the Trade Secrets Psychic Abilities!
"I know what's in your Future and I will Tell you!"
Psychic Readings -
Telepathic, Clairvoyant, Magic
Tarot Readings -
Past, Present, and Future it's your Life!
Spiritual Readings - Life Coach Consultant
Metaphysical, Meditation Personal Psychic
Love Readings Relationship & Marriage -
Dating, Cheating, Reunited, Breakup
Health Readings Analyze -
Health conditions, illness, disease, Cure
Career Readings Business -
Profession, Self-Employment, New job
Daily, monthly, and yearly love life
Medium Spirits Connecting -
Loved ones, Spiritualist Channel
Spells Love, Money and Health -
Charm, Protection Custom Made
Legal Matters Victim or Survivor
Single, Married, Family, Divorce -
Criminal, Accusations, Jail, Court Win/Lose?
Uniquely designed "Only for You!"
Credit Cards
Phone: 30min@$2.50/min=$75 Call 24/7 Available
Included in Price: Life Coach Consultant Expert Adviser
Credit Card Required Major Credit Cards/Debit/Prepaid
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
NO OBLIGATION! Request Set-Up Facetime with Me!

Expert tarot card reader, she can only say to you that anyone can buy a book and read it but if you do not have a special connection with the Spirits it will not work. Just like we all have a voice to sing a song but there is only one "Madonna" that has that Special Gift to reach the higher power so that people will come and listen and believe on online Internet, TV and Radio! Rose can explained as she reads and shuffles your personal tarot cards designed "Only for You" reading each chapter of your Biography to you every time! Accessories such as oil lamps, candles, wand, flowers, crystals and gemstones, and silk cloths are in her surroundings and I hope yours too! Create your own altar arrangement to help you focus on your dreams energy.

Your questions and answers about your life. The Pyramid of Magic Proof Private Temple Rite: The Adventure of the Magical Rod. The Holy Grail Cup Magic charging the cup drinking and toasting libation, lustration, and visualization. The clairvoyance crystal ball or magic mirror. Messenger of Heaven. The Elemental Weapon of Air, Dagger Magic, Telepathy, Psychic Surgery, Healing by Breath, Chanting The Divine Physician, The Disk of Earth, Of the Earth; Earthy, Light of God Secret Church High Priestess Garden of Eden Moon Queen.

Full Moon Ceremony
Tarot the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana, the Royalty and the Aces, the decanate cards consecration of the wheel of the tarot. The path of the serpent. New Moon lunar cakes of light. The Full Moon ceremony. Festival of the Spring Equinox temple rite of Spring. Festival of the summer solstice midsummer night temple rite of the summer solstice. Festival of the Autumnal Equinox temple rite of the Autumnal of Equinox Autumnal feast. Festival of the Winter Solstice temple rite of the winter solstice. Funeral rites of theurgy. Theurgic funeral service the committal service. Private temple rite for one whose death was sudden or violent. The Rituals of the Pentagram lesser and greater ritual of the pentagram. The ritual of the hexagram lesser ritual of the hexagram and greater ritual of the hexagram. Exorcism of the things, of places, of hauntings, of persons. Theurgic blessing christian blessing and esoteric benediction healing rose.

Portfolio of magic dreaming true yes or no dream ascertaining sex of the unborn child. Preparation of love philtres sachets of love invocation of kernunnos. Planetary magic squares kamea of the sun, kamea of the moon, kamea of mercury, kamea of venus, kamea of mars, kamea of jupiter, kamea of saturn. Planetary tables days and hours. The powers of metals, gems, colors, and flowers. Incense sachet ingredients. Talismans ritual for making talismans. Sigils casting the runes rune stick divination rune meanings. The Tree of Life negative existence the flash of lightning!

Magical correspondences of the Tree of life, the Tree of many colors. The Tree of life in the Aura. The Altar of the mysteries gateway to other dimensions worthy, qualified and prepared!
The Rite Path Working!
Credit Cards

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Flower Rule
RosePsychicRose.com Rose

888-331-4860 & 631-331-4860
Candles, oil lamps, and Color Symbolism
Psychic Rose lights her three oil lamps before every phone psychic tarot reading! Lighting oil lamps sets her mood and helps create focus. Roses are in her surrounding for affection and warm feelings for good well-being. Candle color red for human love of sexuality, passion, and impulse eroticism. Candle color blue for vibrations a magical effect of peace, relaxation, and understanding. Candle color green for nature the growth of regeneration fertility through medical science an emotional and physical healing. Candle color green for financial security, prosperity the knowledge of money creating trade. Candle color yellow bringing cheer and happiness. Candle color gold jewelry radiance attracting wealth. Candle color silver for purification and mystique metallic element. Candle color black absorbs light representing protection. Candle colors brown and orange cause earthly engineering powers of vitality change of seasons from research and Psychic Rose prediction.
Preparation for Rituals
  • Diet, Please avoid eating heavy meals.
  • Bath, Please have a bath of purification.
  • Clothing, Please wear your favorite clothing and jewelry.
  • Workspace, Please performed in areas free of distraction.
  • Tarot cards and accessories to charge your aura.
  • Psychic energy, Please use Magical tools.
  • Cloth of your favorite color.
  • Incense burner creating aromas.
  • Flowers, Psychic Rose favorite is Roses.
  • Personal items, photos, and pictures.
  • Psychic Rose lights Candles.
  • Candle burning has the power to purify ward off evil.
  • Crystals and gemstones
  • Beautiful stones of New Age for health and healing.
  • Dreaming
  • Protection, knives, and mirrors.
  • Channeling through meditation releasing stress.
  • Inner Peace be with you always!
  • Spiritual Awakening!
Psychic Rose®
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Phone: 888-331-4860
SERVING people over the phone & in Person.

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